Goofy but Proud

How To Tell Your Focus Story:  Nonprofit Storytelling, Part 4

If you read the “About” page on this blog, I shared this on the very first day:

“Soon, I feel like this skill will launch me on a new adventure. My goal is to find better ways to help nonprofit agencies tell their powerful stories. Each day, the donors and staff of nonprofit agencies change lives: feed the hungry, empower the weak, hug the unloved. Mostly, these stories go untold. My goal is to share these beautiful human interactions with the world.”

Today, I had a welcome surprise after lunch.  I quickly responded to the emails that had come to my office account and I saw one of my favorite emails.  Last fall, I heard Nancy Schwartz present at a nonprofit social media training and since then I follow her Getting Attention blog.  Nancy’s emails to share her blog posts are like email candy for me.  I love to learn about social media success stories from other nonprofits.

Today, when I opened up the blog, I was proud to see that Nancy had shared one of the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation’s Facebook posts as a good example of nonprofit intermediary post.  It almost made it seem like the 10,000 hours I have spent on Facebook are paying off, except for the time that I let the utility sink overflow and flood the basement while I was entranced with Facebook.


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