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Julie Brown
Storytelling 101


As humans, we are wired to communicate through storytelling. Until recently, the history of humanity was passed from generation to generation through stories. The need to tell stories is wired deep in our subconscious. It is part of our DNA. In the true spirit of our ancestors, let us congregate around a campfire to share the stories of a lifetime on this blog. I can’t wait to hear your tales.


Currently, I am practicing my storytelling skills. These articles are tidbits I have had published here and there. At this juncture, it’s not important what the story is or where it landed; it’s just another chance for me to practice this craft.


Soon, I feel like this skill will launch me on a new adventure. My goal is to find better ways to help nonprofit agencies tell their powerful stories. Each day, the donors and staff of nonprofit agencies change lives: feed the hungry, empower the weak, hug the unloved. Mostly, these stories go untold. My goal is to share these beautiful human interactions with the world.


I currently partner with nonprofit agencies as a program officer at a community foundation, searching for system solutions to community problems. In the past, I served as director of a grassroots food pantry, providing direct service to our neighbors in need of food. A very long time ago, I was a CPA.


Go to Cuba (soon)
Spend more time in Montana
Walk a long way



  1. Julie!!! It’s my secret – one in my bucket list, lol! I “trained” with a great story -teller in NY in past summer, I decided I’ll do more living and …definitely WILL do it INTENTIONALLY, here and there. YOU amaze me!!!

    • Lin, how are you? I’ve had so much fun with this. Soon, I want to add a page about all of the benefits this has provided to me: reconnected with old friends, fired up great memories, and made me ask questions of my parents about long forgotten things.

  2. Julie………….love to read your stories. The stories connect me with my past. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading

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